Deep Blue 42 is


We champion Democratic values, the Platform of the California Democratic Party, and the expansion of opportunity for all people everywhere.

Deep Blue 42 is


The best way for Democrats to win elections is to present a bold Democratic vision and to excite voters at the grassroots level.

Deep Blue 42 is


We embrace the collective strength of our unique perspectives. We offer diversity in race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion, and political ideology.

Deep Blue 42 is


We are ordinary citizens, grassroots activists, and organizers, not politicians.

Deep Blue 42 is


We are free from the influence of political candidates and elected officials. We are able to act without considering donors, poll numbers or the next election.

Deep Blue 42 is


Our candidates represent all corners of our district and are part of the following communities: Palm Springs, Yucaipa, San Jacinto, Morongo Basin, Palm Desert, Whitewater, Rancho Mirage and Hemet.

Deep Blue 42 stands for:

  • Holding elected Democrats accountable to our platform, especially regarding healthcare, environmental justice, labor rights, and the dignity of immigrants.
  • Championing the rights of women, the LGBTQI community, and the fight for gender equity.
  • Protecting our neighbors who live without shelter or are at risk regarding housing.
  • Bringing new people into the party and the political process.
  • Making the party rules more fair and inclusive.