Deep Blue 42 is


We champion Democratic values, the Platform of the California Democratic Party, and the expansion of opportunity for all people everywhere.

Deep Blue 42 is


The best way for Democrats to win elections is to present a bold Democratic vision and to excite voters at the grassroots level.

Deep Blue 42 is


We embrace the collective strength of our unique perspectives. We offer diversity in race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion, and political ideology.

Deep Blue 42 is


We are ordinary citizens, grassroots activists, and organizers, not politicians.

Deep Blue 42 is


We are free from the influence of political candidates and elected officials. We are able to act without considering donors, poll numbers or the next election.

Deep Blue 42 is


Our candidates represent all corners of our district and are part of the following communities: Palm Springs, Yucaipa, San Jacinto, Morongo Basin, Palm Desert, Whitewater, Rancho Mirage and Hemet.

Meet our Candidates

Lorraine Salas

Profession: Educator
City: Palm Desert
Key Issues: Healthcare for All, enforcement of civil rights laws for immigrants and workers, environmental proposals such as water import for the Salton Sea, affordable housing

Lorraine has served the communities of Mecca, North Shore, and Oasis as a special education teacher for 13 years and recognizes the need for resources in transportation, health care, access to services, and environmental health.

She has participated in social justice movements that have taken place in the 42nd California assembly district such as helping the United Food and Commercial Workers organize Walmart workers against abusive and unlawful employment practices. She also volunteered with the Human Rights Campaign in 2008 to urge voters to vote no on Proposition 8, a ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage in the state of California.

Lorraine identifies herself as a Chicana, Mestiza, queer feminist and advocates for families and community members who continue to experience disenfranchisement due to race, cultural background, class, and sexual orientation

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Michael Milan

Profession: Organizational Finance Professional, Budget Administrator, Data Analyst
City: Palm Springs
Key Issues: Civil & Human Rights, Equality, Immigration, and Worker Rights

Michael is a Coachella Valley-based community activist and organizer who has been directly involved in many local, state, and federal campaigns in support of Progressive candidates and issues. In the most recent election cycle, Michael served as Regional Coordinator for a national effort to boost Voter Registration and Civic Engagement among communities of color.

In October 2017 Michael was recognized for Outstanding Community Outreach by National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Riverside Branch 1059 at their 5th Annual Salute To Labor award ceremony. Michael currently serves on the Board of Directors for California Partnership (a statewide Health & Human Services Advocacy organization). Michael was also recently elected to the Board of Directors for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California - Desert Chapter and was re-elected as Recording Secretary for Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 721. In December 2017, Michael also successfully launched a new fully-chartered Inland Empire Chapter of Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO (APALA).

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Sara Lee

Profession: Volunteer Grassroots Activist/Coalition Builder, Educator, Mom
City: Joshua Tree
Key Issues: Climate Change, Environment, Human Rights

I am a grassroots activist and coalition builder in San Bernardino County. As a lifelong Democrat, I believe in the California Democratic Party platform, including “a publicly-funded single-payer, privately delivered” health care system for all Californians.

For the past two years, I have focused most of my efforts towards Flipping the House. I organized the first progressive district-wide coalition in CA-08, bringing together grassroots groups, Dem clubs, labor and out-of-district interested parties. I also acted as the CA-08 volunteer liaison for Code Blue, Swing SoCal Left and Flip the 14 during the 2018 election cycle.

I also had been an active volunteer on Katie Hill, Harley Rouda and Katie Porter's congressional campaigns — knocking doors, text and phone banking, organizing postcard campaigns and amplifying direct actions within these districts.

While California has passed some of the most progressive legislation in the country, it is still a place where profound income inequality and lack of affordable housing and healthcare opportunities are increasing. Rural areas are often underrepresented at the state level of the Party. I am hoping to be part of a movement that brings a more effective CDP presence to our region. I am currently working with other activists to create a network of groups throughout the state assembly and senate districts that could mobilize local constituents to contact their local reps regarding important progressive bills in the state legislature.

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Francisco Ramos

Profession: Educator
City: Whitewater
Key Issues: Homelessness, Social & Economic Justice

Francisco is a current ADEM for AD 42 where the plight of the homeless has been his central focus. He passed a resolution in front of the California Democratic Party entitled “Focus on Homelessness 2017” which demanded greater accountability from endorsed Democrats to care for their homeless populations.

In 2017-2018 Francisco was the Chairman of the Riverside County Young Democrats.Francisco is currently the chairman for the Riverside County Democratic Party's “Get Out the Vote” committee which reached over 150,000 Democrats county-wide during the 2018 midterm elections.

Recently, Francisco was the Field Coordinator for Joy Silver's campaign for State Senate.

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Geneva Daly

Profession: Educator
City: San Jacinto
Key Issues: Social & Economic Issues

Geneva began as a Democratic Party volunteer in high school, phone-banking for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Later, she served as an intern for Congressman Raul Ruiz and also volunteered for the 2016 presidential campaign.

After the election, Geneva was inspired to increase her political commitment as an advocate for progressive policies and social and economic justice. Geneva helped found a local chartered Democratic club and served as Chairperson of Records.

As an educator, Geneva knows that children are our future and that we need to leave the world a better place for them. Geneva hopes to represent her community by being your Assembly Delegate for District 42.

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Hector Vara

Profession: Retired Electrician, Navy Veteran
City: Yucaipa
Key Issues: Climate Change, Single-payer Health Insurance, Immigration Policy, and Education

Hector Vara is a veteran of the United States Navy. Now retired, he has worked as an engineering technician for the Federal Aviation Administration, an electrician (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers), and for the V.A. Hospital in Loma Linda.

Hector is involved with three local Democratic Clubs and volunteers regularly to Get Out the Vote. He has canvassed and phone banked for our Democratic candidates Marge Doyle, DeniAntoinette Mazingo, Abigail Medina, and James Ramos.

Hector is proud to support the California Democratic Party platform. As a father, grandfather, and spouse of 45 years, the issues that are of particular importance to him are climate change, single-payer health insurance, immigration policy, and education.

Hector believes it would be an honor to represent the San Bernardino County portions of this Assembly District, and thanks you for your support.

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Judy Rice

Profession: Retired Nurse (LVN)
City: Hemet
Key Issues: Healthcare

Judy is a current ADEM for AD 42 and has lived in Hemet for the last four years. In the last several election cycles, Judy helped with local campaigns and with GOTV as well as manning the club headquarters in Hemet, helping people check their registration status and getting them to the polls or the ROV to vote in person. Judy is also a member of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) participating in their monthly letter drop campaigns and on their Healthcare Issues team.

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Patrick A. Weiss

Profession: Retired Healthcare Worker with AFSCME
City: Palm Springs
Key Issues: Labor, LGBTQ, Social & Economic Justice, Medicare for All, Campaign Finance Reform

As an ADEM 42 Delegate to the California Democratic Party Patrick authored a Resolution on “Reducing the Influence of Corporate and Political Action (PAC) Money in the California Democratic Party.” Patrick attended California Democratic Conventions in Sacramento and San Diego where he supported progressive resolutions and candidates.

In his community Patrick serves on the board of the Los Compadres Neighborhood Association in Palm Springs; Supports Well in the Desert, a homeless advocacy group by feeding the homeless every Tuesday; Volunteers and coordinates Democratic Campaigns. Patrick has been recognized for advocacy of diversity issues in healthcare and the workplace.

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Edwin Ramoran

Profession: Independent Curator, Primary Caregiver
City: Palm Springs
Key Issues: Racial Justice, Labor Rights, and LGBTQI+ Rights

Edwin Ramoran is a lifelong resident of Palm Springs. He is co-founder of Bayanihan Desert which was formed in Palm Springs to increase the civic engagement of residents of Filipino descent and to build coalitions with communities of color in the greater Coachella Valley. He is active with the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, Inland Empire Chapter, and with Filipino Los Angeles arts organizations Kita Kits, Puro Arte, and Pintados Gallery.

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Maryanne Ennis

Profession: State Worker, Union Member
City: Hemet
Key Issues: Health Care, Social Security, Immigration

I am once again running for delegate in the 42nd assembly district. I have been a delegate in Hemet since 2012. I have been a state worker since 1998 and a union member of SEIU 1000. I consider representing the constituents of the 42nd AD & being a delegate a privilege. Being a broad-minded person with a wide variety of experience has equipped me in many aspects to be a voice for our party. Helping Democrats & Progressives be cohesive is very important considering the issues ahead of us. Issues such as Health Care, Social Security, Immigration & Taxes are just a few we face in these trying times. We need committed people to be the voice of our party. I hope you will vote for me so that I am able to continue to be a voice for the 42nd AD district. Thank you for your vote.

David Weiner

Profession: Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
City: Palm Springs
Key Issues: Medicare for All, Immigrant Rights, Gun Control

David is a current ADEM in District 42 and has lived in Palm Springs for over 15 years. He is a lifelong Democrat who believes that the Democratic Party should represent all of us, not just those with connections.

David has been a volunteer for numerous election campaigns and local organizations such as Desert Stonewall Democrats and Equality California, among others. He has also spent time on the ground doing precinct walking, registering voters, and volunteering at the DSD booth on Thursday evenings at the Palm Springs VillageFest.

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Kelly Graziano

Profession: Web Developer / Designer, Grassroots Activist
City: Rancho Mirage
Key Issues: Civil & Human Rights, Disability Rights

Kelly became an activist shortly after the 2016 elections when she attended the first Courageous Resistance meeting in Palm Springs. Since then she has sent postcards, marched and rallied. She has worked with the Courageous Resistance on sanctuary cities and environmental issues. Kelly was on the Advisory Committee for Bob Mueller’s campaign for Rancho Mirage City Council, with Joy Silver's State Senate campaign as SMS Director and on the RCDP's GOTV committee where she led over 150 volunteers to send 250K texts to local Democrats.

As ADEM, Kelly will devote her energy and determination to representing the 42nd District.

Joseph Brinson

Profession: Social Worker / Clinical Therapist for Riverside County
City: Palm Springs
Key Issues: Homelessness, LGBTQ, Equality, & Substance Abuse

Joseph has served his community from a young age. In his late teens, he helped found an LGBTQ youth group (Indiana Youth Group). This group is directly responsible for helping start the first hotline run by youth members to help any and all other LGBTQ youth in crisis that is still in operation today. Since then he has not stopped working with the LGBTQ community and has discovered a true calling in other aspects of service to the community. He works with homelessness, minority groups, and those who may be struggling with substance abuse by volunteering at treatment centers throughout the Coachella Valley.

Joseph is not new to politics, and here in the Coachella Valley he has volunteered for numerous campaigns with candidates that wanted to make a profound impact on the community they serve. He also is a proud member of SEIU Local 721, Desert Stonewall Democrats, Democrats of the Desert and the National Association of Social Workers.

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